Imagine wimax not working

Posted on 07.06.2019 by Dante
Check out our video for a step by step guide on how to set up your WiMax Hub. Since finding out about Imagine WiMax I found out that Eircom are also rolling out a new broadband service, they call it NGB Next Generation Broadband.
Yes, simply plug your phone into the phone port at the back of the WiMax hub and you can make calls as usual. Being out of touch with the world can bring some stresses of its own, though, so taking your laptop when you visit Cambodia can provide peace of mind. You connect to the citys WiMAX network, your home internet connection, with your laptop to get your work done. WiMAX Coverage and Speed - WiMAX coverage outdistances WiFi by miles. How to Use Your Laptop in Cambodia. Sometime later, although you are not quite done yet, you have to go to the airport. So you take your things and your laptop, grab a cab and continue working on your laptop on your way to the airport, still connected via your WiMAX subscription.
Except the wireless card still wouldn't work. Setting up your WiMax Hub couldn't be easier. Shouldn't it be listed as a wireless network connect as my usb adapter is. Many people plan to leave behind the worries and troubles of work when they travel to Cambodia for an exciting vacation. We will contact you when this is complete. Today is a busy day you have some work to finish in the morning before heading to the airport to take the plane to Beijing.